Abood Nasrawi

solo, duo, trio and full band

Adam harvested his musical talent on American farmland, where country music and folk reigned supreme. So don't be surprised when he reaches for his acoustic guitar during a jazz number, or when he spices up a modern pop song with some folksy flavor. Prepare to be  "blown" away by his harmonica playing - something he picked up as a boy by sneaking off into the woods with his grandfather's beloved harps.  Hardly a one dimensional musician though, Adam can perform any style of music from blues to hip hop. He often surprises audiences by rapping a verse or swapping his guitar for a Ukulele. You can chill out with Adam’s laid-back grooves feeling confident that his warm stage presence will keep you feeling sunny. Employing his loop pedal and an array of instruments to create breezy versions of the songs you love, Adam will make whatever seat you’re in feel more like a beach chair.

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