Andreea Zoia

Andreea Zoia is a multi passionate speaker. She is a presenter, public speaker and speech coach. She has become a global citizen living and studying in London, Los Angeles and Dubai. Andreea resides in Dubai where she is the constant face and voice of international brands. For over 6 years, Andreea Zoia has dedicated her career and life to mastering the art of communication. After studying, researching, and speaking on stage to thousands of people over the years, she now delivers her expertise as a Public Speaker, Public Speaking Coach, and Master of Ceremony in Dubai, thus, making her a multi-talented and high value professional. As an MC and speaker in Dubai, her affable, genuine and humorous style of presenting attracted the attention of top PR agencies, event planners, and international as well as local TV producers in the region. Today she ranks as their top choice for professional work and collaboration behind and in front of the scenes.

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