Daniel Vitellaro

Commercial, Pop, Rock, Oldies, Lounge & House

Of Italian and British descent, Daniel Vitellaro got his first taste of the music industry from a very young age, and quickly earning a residency at the world-famous Palace nightclub. A trail of successful residencies followed, and the purchase of Splash Records at just 19 increased his musical knowledge. With a taste of the exotic Middle-East, Vitellaro ventured to Dubai where he further utilized his extensive knowledge in music, frequently being asked to play at both big club nights as well as chill-out lounges in the bustling city. Never looking down, Vitellaro's career seems only to get higher and higher. He has become the world's highest Dj as resident at Atmosphere Lounge, situated on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world. Despite the dizzying heights, Vitellaro remains focused on his music - producing, perfecting and performing an innate and driven passion in the Dj. An album release is in the horizon for Vitellaro, an event which can only see his career going up.

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