Irena Mileva

solo, duo, trio and quartet

Originally from Macedonia, Irena moved to Dubai in 2008. She is a classically trained musician but later started performing other styles as well. That approach has changed her methodology of teaching the instrument. After she moved to Dubai in 2008, she became involved with the UAE Philharmonic Orchestra (UAEPO), SharQ Orchestra and GEMS Education as a flute teacher (where she worked for 4 years). Irena was also a founding member of few smaller ensembles like Trio Musica, Skylark Duo and Duo S'Wonderfull. Furthermore, Irena has been working as a flutist in the UAE, performing solo, and as a member of other smaller and larger ensembles like NSO Symphony Orchestra, Dubai Chamber Orchestra, Ovidio's Chamber Orchestra, Dubai POPS Orchestra etc.

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