Joanna Broomfield


Joanna began life in Wiltshire in the English countryside and grew up listening to mainstream rock and indie; so at the request of friends who needed a guitarist, she began playing from the age of 13 and immediately formed her first band. After relocating to Adelaide, Australia, Joanna was scouted by the television show Australia's Next Top Model which set her musical aspirations on the back foot for a time as she worked as a professional Model up until the age of 21. She then returned to London where she was so inspired by the abundance of musical creativity that she could not help but turn back to her music, purchasing recording gear and networking with various talented musicians around the city's vibrant music scene. It is there that Joanna perfected her intimate, engaging style that is evident throughout her work - her music, be it stirring original compositions or thoughtful covers, has the ability to capture the attention of her audiences through her unique vocal delivery and charming onstage persona.

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