Johanna Sandell

solo, duo, trio and full band

Johanna is a highly experienced and educated professional from Helsinki, Finland and has worked in the music industry for more than 15 years. Johanna has been singing since she learned how to talk. Starting out when she was a kid in Finland singing in choir and taking piano lessons she then, as a teen in England started taking voice lessons and grew a passion for musical theatre. She starred in a couple plays before moving back to Finland. In her late teens Johanna started studying at the Pop & Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki and performing with different bands. She landed herself a record deal with Universal Music, released a couple of singles and toured the country for a few years. Johanna Sandell Duo performs both with and without backing tracks (high quality tracks that they themselves produce in a studio). They speak fluent English, Swedish and Finnish and perform also in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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