Vicente Allende Ensemble

quartet, quintet, and bigger formations

The Vicente's Ensemble is a music band that counts mainly with 5 members. They are: 1. Gilberto Moncada from Cuba - bass guitar (backing vocals) 2.Sandro Perdomo from Colombia - Latin percussion (backing vocals) 3. Germán Cortés from Colombia in drums (backing vocals) 4. Sergio Catalán from Chile in guitar (backing vocals) 5. Vicente Allende from Chile in guitar and lead vocals The project started 5 years ago and now they counts with a solid repertoire that spans exclusively "Flamenco Rumbas". They have included some of the best songs from bands such as Ketama (from Andalusia, Spain), Gipsy Kings and Vicente's own music, which is a fusion of Flamenco and Latin sounds.

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