Khalil Barazi

solo, duo and trio

Khalil began singing at the age of 12 and continued through church, school, and personally formed groups. He has not had any formal training in singing, but he plays piano, guitar, drums, and bass. Khalil compares himself to Babyface because of his shared ability to write, sing, and play various instruments to express his pop/rock/folk style. He is also influenced by John Mayer, Brian McKnight, and Ryan Tedder. Khalil believes that, "a mix of musical influences flows through [his] music," in his tendency to mix musical styles, from British pop to soul/R&B. Khalil has toured With Son of Dork hosted by David Guest. has featured on TV shows and been selected to sing to David and Carrie Grant. He is still working hard for great success. Khalil is now playing music around the world, so follow him on his exciting adventure. I'm sure there are good things to come.

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