Latin Dance Troupe

dance shows & activations

BNF is an international company focused on creating magical moments by producing premium events, breath-taking entertainments and astonishing dance performances”. They bring the unique factor and innovative approach to all the events we partake in. Founded by world champion dancer and entrepreneur Eider Rua in Colombia in 2000. The company has grown and expanded internationally to the extent to create and develop its own worldwide events and festivals. In 2007, They opened its branch in Dubai, UAE. With the mission of creating magical moments at heart, the company has become one of UAE’s most reputed dance entertainment management companies specialized in the performance arts. They have been managing events and performing in more than 30 countries around The Middle East, America, Asia and Europe including: EEUU, Egypt, Bahrain, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, UAE, Oman, Qatar, India, Israel, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Greece, UK, China, Japan, Russia, Bulgaria, Argentina and Ecuador.

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