Latino Circus

duo to large formations.

Latino Circus is a troupe dedicated to create and provide circus entertainment, in which the base of their inspiration is the client's needs and satisfaction. Their artists are professionals, graduated from circus schools; so it reflects in the high standard and quality of the shows. The troupe has a base number of 8 artists, but they can reach up to 16 to 20 performers with the inclusion of invited artists, from their extensive range of contacts. All shows are developed in-house, as they have a complete team of production and execution. Such as: choreography, music, scenery, costumes design and make-up artists. The word 'Latino' (in the company name) is because they specialize in everything to do with Latin American culture themes, in relation to music, dance and costumes. But they are far from limited to 'Latino themes' only. Musicians and dancers are broad in their skills and can customize to any cultural theme required by the clients

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