Lisa Dijkman

Solo, Duo, Trio and Full band

Lisa Dijkman is an accomplished singer/songwriter and pianist with an extensive background in both music production and performance. Originally from the Netherlands, Lisa grew up in a musical family as the daughter of a guitar builder. She started singing and playing guitar from a young age, as a teenager she switched from piano to guitar. Lisa’s professional career in music began when she was just 18 years old, at a time when popular music sounded much different from what it does today. Lisa’s style is best described as modern pop music with elements of jazz, fusion and R&B. She has earned a reputation for being a passionate performer who engages with her audience to deliver a truly memorable musical experience. End of 2014 Lisa has moved to Dubai to pursue her musical career in the Middle East. In Dubai Lisa has already performed in iconic venues like Pacha, Music Hall Zabeel Saray and the Burj Al Arab.

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