Muhaisnah Four

solo, duo, trio and full band

Muhaisnah Four is an indie electronic / synth pop / chillwave artist based in Dubai that is reimagining the listening experience. From sampling to synth driver melodies, 80s bass lines and beats, the project’s main creative force, Cromwell Ojeda, juxtaposes sounds to images to create captivating audio-visual journeys inspired by the Dubai urban landscape he calls home. Muhaisnah Four started as a solo music project that grew into a live 3 piece indie electro band in search of new sounds and experiences. They have been playing various local events such as Meet D3, Sikka Art Fair, Dubai Music Week, JBR Street Nights, HYPE Magazine Awards, Marina Music Festival, and Fete de la Musique, and have also opened up for Dam Funk and Daedelus. Muhaisnah Four have also been selected as one of the participants for the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Dubai in 2016 that hosted over 20 musicians across the region.

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