Nagham Al Debal

solo, duo, trio and quartet

Raised in U.A.E., Nagham is a talented and experienced Syrian female Qanun player that has a natural flair for music in general. Exploring several musical instruments since a very young age, she began playing the keyboard at the tender age of 5. She also finished grade 3 of the Royal Schools of Music (RBSM). However at the age of 14, she felt intrigued by the Arabic harp and began playing the Qanun and fell in love with it. Since then Nagham has perfected her craft and performed in several festivals and prestigious hotels. Although she is a superb performer of Arabic traditional music, she also masters modern songs of the Middle East with a wide range of styles. Nagham had performed and played on Television and once on panorama FM. She is a talented and experienced Qanun player. Nagham is, in addition, the only professional female Qanun player in UAE.

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