Natalia Mizanna

solo, duo, trio and full band

Natalia Mizanna is professional singer based in Dubai. Her skill allows her to explore several genres, ranging from pop, soul, jazz to gospel. Natalia has started her musical career as a lead vocalist at the age of 15, performing live regularly with gospel bands. Later, when at age 18, she moved to USA to continue her music. In the USA she became a regular singer with one of the most renown big bands in California. Natalia then moved to Ukraine where she graduated from the Kiev Jazz Conservatory and immediately secured a tour of 25 concerts on big stages and arenas. At the end of 2012 and in order to further her career, she moved to Dubai where she is now a well-known and respected performer. You can see Natalia performing live both in Residencies and Corporate events and she is versatile enough to do from laidback duo performances to being the “diva” singer in a big band performance. She is known for her passion to perform and for the ability to indulge her listeners with her charming voice.

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