Pasha Cazan

solo, duo, trio and quartet

Pasha got interested in music at the early age of four years. Her mother, Lidia, is an accomplished musician and was Pasha's first violin teacher, to whom she warmly dedicates her achievements. Throughout the adolescent years, Pasha's love for music continued to grow as she attended music school, college and academy. Her musical abilities were rewarded as she won several prestigious national and regional competitions in Moldova. She had the chance to explore symphonic orchestras, jazz and rock bands, disc jockey duets, folk music, and participate in festivals in Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Italy and Romania. In 2007, she felt a big connection to the Arabic world and decided to move to Dubai. During the first few years in Dubai, Pasha worked on developing her fusion style. In 2009, she decided to pick up her first electric violin a way to move from a whole classical world of sound into a new modern one. Since then, Pasha played in some of the most prestigious events in Dubai and gained popularity in the local and regional market

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