Rania Ali

Rania Ali is the leading MC and Public Speaker in the Middle East Region. Rania is a certified TV Presenter from London Academy Media Film TV in London. Born & raised in the UAE, Rania is an ex corporate individual & entrepreneur with extensive years of experience in different business fields from economics, finance to banking which made her the first choice for presenting corporate events. Rania's impressive professional career background, extensive client list from government & corporate to entertainment are enriched by her lively, engaging and energetic character which makes her the top presenter for major local & international brands. Her Fluency in English and Arabic and capability in speaking classic Arabic and several Arabic accents along with her exceptional language skills when communicating to a diverse & mixed audience in live events have made her the pioneer in the field. She’s continuously engaged in hosting events for LIVE TV broadcasters such as Abu Dhabi TV, Dubai Sports channel & celebrity interviews on Rotana TV.

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