Salah Sadeq


Simply put, Salah Sadeq’s music is the joy in a child's eyes when he does something naughty and knows he'll get away with it. The creative director, DJ & producer has a flair for reading and connecting with the crowd, creating that mercilessly upbeat and unpredictable sound that makes us feel emotion on the dance floor. Born and raised in Bahrain, he developed his skills from the very young age of 14, performing at the infamous “Tameem” night club, varied underground gigs, which led to him becoming the weekend resident DJ at “Likwid” Bahrain from 1999. Gradually, he took over running his own nights at the club, on the island, and in the region, building a reputation that resonated with his Dutch audience in Amsterdam, where he began to make his mark on the international circuit. Close to home, he has played alongside a number of big artists in Dubai, too many to list, with Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink, and Sven Väth being stand-out moments for Salah.

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