Sam Farsio


A music fanatic with a determined path to create a signature sound, Sam Farsio is name that commands excitement each and every time he is in control of a crowd. However, don’t let his bubbling nature and demeanor fool you, his 10,000+ hours behind the decks honing his craft are those of a master technician, fluently bridging genres and skillfully tuning into that perfect frequency to get dance floors moving.   A talented producer with stellar releases on a host of international labels, Sam is the go to owl for hidden gems and secret weapons, digging deep whilst combining his studio super powers with fellow friends to create the most banging tracks that always shake the floor. Whether playing in the picturesque coves and beaches of the Far East, through to harsher settings in Russia, Sam has captained and conquered alongside some of the worlds finest DJs, with his own dynamic agenda steering his sonically driven ship.

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