Shayma Al Mughairy


A young Sand Artist, Starting Drawing with sand since she was 12 years old, became famous after being one of the 12 finalists of the 1st season of Arabs got talent. She participated in a lot of events and performed locally, around the gulf, Arab world and internationally including couple of times in Denmark and Switzerland. Her best achievements are 1st TV Advertisement done by sand art, 1st Music video clip done by Sand Art for the famous Danish band "Outlandish", 1st Series theme song video done by sand and the series called "Ma'a Sabk Al Israr" that was aired on Ramadan 2013, 1st kids show which was about stories were told by sand drawing for 30 episodes on Al Jazeera for children on Ramadan 2013, 1st kids puzzle show by Sand art for 30 episodes on Ramadan 2013. Was elected as an ambassador for one of the biggest watch companies in the world "GC" 4 times in a row

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