The Foreign Affair

The Foreign Affair is a Dubai based pop/jazz soulful band.
The full band is formed by 6 piece but occasionally performs with 5 or 4 pieces.
Their name comes from the variety of nationalities of the musicians: Nya Crea Lead Singer from Italy, Bobby Valchev Pianist from Bulgaria, Matt West Sax Player from U.S.A, German Cortes on the Drums from Colombia, Alex Vorobev The Bass Man from Russia and Lorenzo Queyquep on the Guitar from Philippines.
Their sound is soulful and pleasant but at the same time strong and powerful, they will bring you back in time performing a variety of songs from the 60’s blues and soul classics, also crossing different genres of the 70’s 80’s 90’s and the current times to please every and any crowd.
Foreign Affair know how to bring a unique flavor to their music, giving it a distinctive and recognizable sound, due to the strong musical and performance background of each musician.

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